Catering Services in Kolkata

Catering Services in Kolkata

Best Catering Services in Kolkata

Hindusthan Cuisine: Best Catering Services in Kolkata

What would a fantastic event be without mouthwatering food? Are you organising a party soon or searching for a professional caterer in or around Kolkata? A premier catering company in Kolkata, Hindusthan Cuisine serves up delicious food and makes every guest satisfied. A feeling is evoked by good cuisine, not just a component of your event. A sense that can be made memorable for all time!

Hindusthan Cuisine ensures you to successfully throw a lifetime memorable event and offer the most outstanding cuisine in the city. You need not be concerned about our excellence or craftsmanship because Hindusthan Cuisine is being managed by IHM qualified professionals and is the most well known professional caterer of Eastern India.

Our Expertise

We provide a wide selection of delectable exquisite food to satisfy the palate for vegeterian as well as non vegeterians. The management team of Hindusthan Cuisine is highly skilled and caters to the taste of it's guests. There are options for buffet and platter-to-plate. Our highly qualified and experienced team of chefs, cooks and food & beverage professionals is the foundation of our catering services.

In Hindusthan Cuisine, we have Chefs who are skilled and renowned for their creativity and culinary prowess, elevating us to the best branded & professional Caterer in Kolkata. We have the experience in providing perfection at the best pricing, whether you are talking about wedding or picking us for small niche parties.

Best Catering Services in Kolkata

Best Caterer in Kolkata
Best Caterer in Kolkata

Our Catering Services in Kolkata

We have the reputation for offering our clients a memorable experience. Our capacity to accommodate various type of events is one of them. Corporate and ceremonial events fall under the scope of our main service area.

Business Events:

How you handle an event is something your guest will always remember. Further more, it makes an excellent initial impression and avoid any misunderstandings. Hindusthan Cuisine is experienced and well equipped in providing food and service for occasions including meetings, dealership meetings, business lunches, corporate gatherings, promotional events, and product promotion. We will provide flawless service for each corporate event you host.

Ceremonial Activities

We are aware of how significant and emotionally charged each event is for our clients. We strive to make every moment memorable, whether we are celebrating the union of loved ones or enjoying the company of developing youngsters. As a well-known Best Branded Catering Service in Kolkata, we provide delicious food for any ceremony such as weddings, receptions, birthday parties, and social gatherings.

Why Us

We are one of the best caterers in Kolkata, serving a variety of occasions and offering the widest range of menu. We simply care about providing quality food at best value for money pricing. You can be confident that we will do everything it takes to provide you with the best catering services in Kolkata.

  • Our Catering team has vast experience in the hospitality industry. They have sound experience and training in providing cuisine for various events.
  • Since we offer a wide range of menu choices including veg items, we are the best Caterer in kolkata who can accommodate both vegeterians and non vegeterians.
  • You can choose from a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mughlai, Continental, and other delectable dishes from across the world, when you choose us as your caterers.
  • Our prices are best value for money and we provide the most delicious food and exquisite service at most affordable pricing. There is an intriguing bundle for any event available with the budgeted menu we have to offer.
  • Our menu is customisable.
  • We have extensive experience providing catering services in and around Bengal.
  • We are firm believers in putting forth constant effort all year long.
  • We are a licensed catering unit with all Fssai clearance and Gst adherence.
  • Our staff members are knowledgeable, skilled, and trained to work at events.
  • We recognise how significant the occasion is to you and your family. Our staff members are seasoned professionals that maintain constant discipline.
  • Our entire menu's dishes are prepared with only the freshest ingredients.
  • Each COVID safety protocol is strictly adhered to by us.
Best Caterer in Kolkata
Best Caterer in Kolkata

Best Catering Services in Kolkata

Features of Our Catering Services

  • Our cutlery and crockery is of high quality.
  • We offer Catering Services by Hotel Management Professionals. Our English-speaking stewards and hostesses have completed their training at reputable hotel management institutes and are trained, professional, and intelligent.
  • All dishes and cutlery are sterilised after being used at an event. In preparation for the upcoming occasion, plates are wrapped in covers.
  • In addition to other items, the cutlery includes imported rolling-top steel chafing plates and steel spoons and forks.

So your search for best Caterer in Kolkata ends here. You may count on us to give you a lavish feast at best value for money price. We will ensure that your guests will receive the best care and service so that you can enjoy your celebrations cheerfully without having any worry. If you have any queries about our services, menu, or safety precautions, just give us a call! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries. We will gladly respond to all of your enquiries and try to adhere with the best of our abilities wherever applicable.


We offer a wide variety of cuisine including Bengali, North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, Indian Street Food, Sea food, innovative mocktails and cocktails. We also offer extensive International Cuisine such as Chinese, Pan Asian, Continental, European and many others as per guest choice.
Our menu includes a wide range of food items. We provide a variety of packages at different prices. The total cost of the catering services we offer you will depend on several additional factors, such as the quantity of food you wish to serve and the number of visitors we need to serve. For further information regarding the price per plate, contact us.
The choice of a caterer should be based on a limited number of factors, including experience, offers and services, pricing and payment options, availability, location, contact information, food safety, and hygiene, reputation, experience, trade license, fssai and all other necessary business licenses.
Catering service businesses in Kolkata provide a variety of services, including plated service, gueridon service, full silver service, buffet service, and cafeteria service. These services are provided based on the preferences of the clients and the event's theme.
You can book our catering service in Kolkata 365 days in advance of the events you want to host.
Yes, we do provide our clients with a option. You have the choice to customize the menu by putting your favourite foods on it. Contact us, and we'll guide you to create a delicious menu for your event.
We utilize freshly sourced local, fresh and pure ingredients to prepare our food. Everything is properly cleaned before it is cooked. After each use, the utensils and other things used for cutting, chopping, storing, and cooking are cleaned and sanitized.
We are aware that every event requires a large financial investment. We work diligently to keep our prices value for money so that everyone can afford a memorable event.